Moodle Plugin Release Notes, Reported Issues and Latest Installation Files


Current Moodle Release

v3 r2 - Released 11/08/2018

Supported Moodle Versions:  3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6


v3 r2 - Release Notes (11/08/2018):

  • Resolved issue with filter accidentally try to convert direct links to Films On Demand to an embed, thereby rendering the link unusable.


v3 r1 - Release Notes (10/29/2018):

  • Resolved video embed playback issues with legacy Films On Demand embed codes from older Moodle versions.
  • Resolved issues preventing a mixture of embedded assets from working together, i.e. Films On Demand video, YouTube, document links.


Installation File Source Options:

Repository Plugin

Media Filter Plugin


For assistance installing the plugin files, please refer to the Moodle Installation article.


Reporting Issues with the Moodle Plugin

If you are experiencing any issues with our Moodle plugin, please submit a ticket and our support staff will be happy to assist.

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