Creating a personal user account


There are many benefits to creating your own personal account, some of which are included below:

  • Save favorites and playlists to your own "My Content" section for quick access later on.
  • Create custom segments from videos.
  • Change your viewing preferences (light or dark theme mode).
  • Update your account information and modify email notifications.
  • Modify default settings, caption settings and page tools.

If you are logged in with your generic, or building level account, you should see "Your Profile" located in the top, right-hand corner of the site.


Look for the, "New user? Sign Up" option on this menu to begin the process of creating your own personal account that will be automatically tied to your institution.


If you happen to be on a video page, you can access the account sign up options via the Add to page tool as well. These features require a personal account.


If you institution uses Google or Microsoft for email, you may be able to sign in with your Google or Microsoft account and skip the entire process, assuming these features are enabled by your administrator.


Create your Infobase Account:

Fill out the required fields to complete your profile and select your interests and notification preferences.

Once you have completed everything, click on the Create Account button to complete the process. You will be redirected back to the page you were just on and should now see your name appear in place of Your Profile.



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