What are Web Channels?


Films On Demand supports the integration of external video content (Web Channels) into your institution's account. 


Web Channels are controlled by the administrator at each institution. The Web Channel feature is turned off by default, but admins can easily activate this feature in the Admin Portal. Admins can also turn on/off individual channels and add custom channels. 


The list of available pre-selected Web Channels will vary by account as our Editorial team has chosen educational content appropriate for each market. For example, the list of Web Channels available for high schools are different from those available to academic institutions. In general, each account has access to more than 30 Web Channels that can be added to your video platform. Admins can view a complete list of Web Channels available for their account by visiting the Admin Portal. 


Once the Web Channel feature has been activated for your account, the videos in the selected channels will be searchable and viewable along with your other content in the video platform. Users will also be able to view a list of active Web Channels on the Producer Index page. 


You can browse the complete list of available web channels by navigating to the Browse Producers page from the main menu.

  • Click on the main menu icon.
  • Click on View All under the featured producers section.
  • Using the drop-down at the top of the page, select Web Channels.
  • You should now see a list of tiles that resemble the screenshot below.
  • Clicking on any channel will display a complete list of all videos in the form of search results.
  • All web channel videos are integrated into your basic search results as well.


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