Organizing Video into Playlists


Video content can be added to playlists from search results or media pages and then further organized via the My Content section's management options.

The My Content section contains the following features and functionality related to Playlists:

Clicking on the name of your playlist within the My Content section will redirect you to the playlist editing page where you can make adjustments or preview your playlist.

  1. Add Folder - Use this button to create new folders.
  2. Filter by Type - Use this drop-down to quickly filter My Content results down to just playlists.
  3. Delete - Clicking on Delete will allow you to delete a playlist. You will be prompted to confirm that you really want to perform this action.
  4. Move - Use this option to move a playlist into a new folder or from one folder to another.
  5. Copy - Make a copy of an existing playlist.
  6. Share - Share your playlist with a colleague using an email form or post to various social media platforms if they are enabled in your account.
  7. Embed/Link - Copy the playlist URL or various embed codes sizes.
  8. Edit - Modify the name of your playlist.
  9. Add/Remove from Search - Select this option to remove or add your playlist to your account's search results.  The name will vary depending on the state of your playlist.


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