EZProxy Configuration


The Films on Demand URL changed with the launch of our updated platform at the beginning of this year. Your existing access URLs will automatically redirect to the new platform, but you will need to place the below stanza into the EZProxy configuration file to ensure proxy server authentication works properly. This new stanza contains elements for both our old and new domains - this is necessary to ensure films.com links redirect and authenticate properly.


T Films On Demand

U http://fod.infobase.com

H https://fod.infobase.com

H https://secure.films.com

D infobase.com

D films.com


The URLs you are using now will redirect properly once you've set up the new configuration stanza. The proper format for your direct access URL is:




Where your account specific AID or WID would be filled out and you would add your proxy URL modifier.


If you are unsure about your Proxy Server Configuration or would like to set up Proxy Authentication for Films On Demand for the first time, please contact us directly at video.support@infobaselearning.com.



Why am I not able to play certain videos on the platform if I am using EZproxy?

Due to producer and partner licensing restrictions, several producers and collections require digital rights management to further protect the content. Part of this DRM solution involves using HTTPS urls for the content. In order for EZproxy to give remote users access to videos with secure URLs, you must obtain, install, and configure an SSL Certificate.


For more information on our DRM solution, please view the following help article concerning Universal DRM (Digital Rights Management).


SSL configuration for EZproxy

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