Can I post links within Microsoft PowerPoint and Word?


You may post Title and Segment URLs of any video within Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents; however, any SSO authentication method that was already established between your institution and the platform will not work. This occurs due to a facilitation issue caused by Microsoft's handling of links in Microsoft Office documents. Essentially, you will be prompted with a log-in screen where you will be required to enter the general log-in credentials of your institution or your individual user log-in credentials.

However, you may use a workaround of opening the document and then logging in to the platform within your default web browser. Once you log in, then every Title URL or Segment URL that is clicked within Microsoft PowerPoint will authenticate your users and they will not receive a log-in screen prompt. This workaround operates based on the cookie that is created on your computer when you initiate a session within the platform. Once this cookie has been created, any Title URL or Segment URL that is clicked will take you directly into the account because the cookie has cached your original session thus keeping you logged in to the account until you clear the cache and cookies from your web browser.

You may also create a playlist, containing the desired videos you want to play, and post the Playlist URL into a Microsoft Office document. The Playlist URL will not prompt you with a log-in screen and will take you directly to the videos within the playlist.

You can learn more about the compatibility issues between Microsoft Office documents and SSO authentication based access methods in this Microsoft support article:

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