Video streaming domains and IPs to whitelist


If you are experiencing any issues streaming videos from any of our Video Products, please verify that none of the below domains or IPs are blocked on your network.

Domains to whitelist:

  • https://*
  •  (Alternative VOD CDN)
  • (Live CDN)
  •  (Alternative Live CDN)

IPs to whitelist:

New York, NY:
• Cogent NY:
• Level3 NY:
• Zayo Group NY:
Sunnyvale, CA:
• Cogent SV:
• Level3 SV:
• Zayo Group PA:
• 21,22,80,443,1935
• If you want to convert the above to a range of IP addresses, you can use the below utility: st.html


If you're still having trouble playing video, please reach out to our support team at:

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