Films On Demand Mobile App for Apple Devices

Please follow the instructions below to download and start using the Films On Demand app for all Apple devices.
1. On your device, simply open the AppStore and search for, "Films On Demand" 


2. Click "Get" to start the install.  
3. Once installed, the "Get" button will change to "Open".  You can now open the app.
The app will open to the login page. 
Things to note:
  1. You can use a generic building level account OR a personal account to sign in.
  2. If you use a generic account, you will NOT have access to playlists and favorites just like the desktop version.


Once logged in, you will be on the homepage.




From the homepage you can:

  • Scroll through the top Featured Series Slider to pick a series that you are interested in.
  • Continue Watching- Your first slider of items will populate with videos that you have watched and not completed.  You can resume watching these items by clicking on an item in the slider. You will go directly to just the video player where your title will automatically be playing. You can turn on closed captions or go fullscreen.




  • View other titles in your sliders. Clicking on any title will take you to the main player page with the video description and the "You may also like" related titles.  You can also share the title from this page.




  • Search-Enter your search term in the search bar. Search tips: Use quotes around your term for exact matches, Use 'AND' Between words to return results with both search terms or use 'OR' between words to find results for either term. From the Search Results Page you can filter by: 
  1.  Subject
  2.  Producers
  3.  Language
  4.  Format
  5.  Date Published
  6.  Source
  • Browse- You can browse by Subject or Producer



  • Go Back to the homepage
  • Access "My Content"- The My Content Page contains your Favorites and Playlists. You can sort both by Newest and Oldest and A-Z, Z-A. 

Note: Personal account playlists and favorites sync with changes made on the desktop.




  • View your Account Settings- From the account settings page you can: 
  1.  Enable Autoplay
  2.  Enable Continuous Play 
  3.  Give Feedback


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